Canadian First Nations' artist site


Alexander Clifton Ridley, is an internationally renowned Ts’msyen artist, who was born and raised in the Pacific coastal village of Hartley Bay, which lies eighty-five miles south of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. It is the land of salmon and the white Spirit Bear. Cliff,, belongs to the Eagle clan and is still fluent in Sm’algyax, which is his first language. He has family connections in several other First Nations’ communities in B.C. and Alaska. He has fished the entire B.C. coast his whole life particularly the Skeena Rvier and his love of the sea and the “bush” are reflected in his art. Cliff has been carving since the 1970’s and worked with master carvers from K’san in the early 1980’s. He creates his art in several different mediums including wood, precious metals, and paints, in both traditional and nontraditional ways.

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